Thursday, November 10, 2011

Getting Started with Robotics

In a way I'm the perfect test case for a robotics program made specifically to bring more "under-served" folks (read minorities, women, at-risk youth, marginalized and impoverished groups around the world) into robotics.  My career and my work with Solar CITIES has been forged in urban slums and remote villages sharing industrial ecology/engineering solutions with low-income stakeholders to help them work within their means to make their own personal path toward sustainability. And, like many of the folks I've worked with in regions as diverse as the rainforests of Central America, Indonesia and Africa,  the deserts and riparian valleys of North Africa and the Middle East and the urban landscapes of America and Europe, until recently I had no previous experience with computer programming, mechantronics or building robots.

In a way I'm a tabula rasa.

This means that if a road toward understanding the field of robotics works for me, it will probably work for a huge swath of humanity.  If building autonomous robots can be made fun and engaging and interesting, understandable and useful to me, then I'm betting it will have appeal to many others who have been left out of this latest adventure in human ingenuity.

This blog will chronicle the steps I'm taking from Robo-novice  toward full robotics engineering fluency, and I invite you to join me. 

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